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3 Reasons You May Need a Root Canal

3 Reasons You May Need a Root Canal | Steven E. Holbrook, DMD | Albuquerque, NMWhen most people hear of a root canal, images of undergoing a massive oral surgery may come to mind. However, as one of the most common oral procedures that we perform here at Steven Holbrook’s office, a root canal is nothing to worry about. So, other than by a proper dental examination and x-rays, how can you tell if you need a root canal? Read on to learn more.

Decay Has Reached the Pulp

Your teeth are composed of three layers: the enamel, the dentin, and the pulp. Sometimes if a cavity is left untreated, the decay can reach the deepest part of the tooth (the pulp). If that is the case, you will need to have part of the root or pulp removed with a root canal.

Infection or Abscess

In most instances in which a patient needs a root canal, it’s because an infection or abscess has occurred. During an infection or abscess, the problem will be treated, so it doesn’t spread, and then the pulp or part of the pulp will be removed.

Injury or Trauma

If you were recently injured or in some accident that impacted your tooth, you may need to have a root canal. Sometimes when a patient’s mouth has received extreme trauma, it can reach the inner parts of the tooth which will result in them having to have the pulp removed and then filled.

There are several reasons why you may have to have a root canal. However, the symptoms that you receive will be the first signs. If you are experiencing a lot of pain, swelling, or tenderness around your teeth, gums, and jaw, contact Dr. Steven Holbrook today.

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It’s Not Your Granny’s Root Canal

root canal treatment in Albuquerque NM | Dr. Steven Holbrook Times have changed. Years ago, root canals were painful and the puns were true. But with today’s dental advances, there is little, if any, pain involved with a root canal. Millions of teeth are saved each year with root canal therapy which is similar to having a routine filling and can usually be completed in one or two appointments.

Why a root canal?
An injury or a deep cavity may cause one of your teeth to crack, leaving it open for infection. This can damage the pulp, the network of nerves and blood vessels surrounding the root, and may even damage the bone surrounding the tooth, resulting in pain and swelling. If left untreated, additional bacteria and decaying food particles can cause a serious infection or abscess, leading to pulp death, bone loss and loss of the tooth. Symptoms to watch for are swelling of your face and neck, severe toothache, swollen gums, and temperature sensitivity.

Root canal therapy (endodontic treatment) is designed to save a damaged or infected tooth instead of removing it. It involves opening the tooth, removing the infected pulp, cleaning the canals inside the root, and filling and sealing the tooth. Alternatives include extracting the damaged tooth and replacing it with a dental implant, bridge or removable partial denture.

A root canal usually takes two visits. Dental X-rays are taken to determine the extent of the damage; you will receive a local anesthetic prior to the procedure. There are mild sedatives available which you can take just prior to your dental visit which can make the experience more pleasant if you are fearful. If the infection is severe, your dentist may also prescribe an antibiotic before your appointment. If you follow good oral hygiene, your restored tooth could last a lifetime.

If you are experiencing dental pain and would like to discuss root canal therapy with Dr. Holbrook, don’t wait…call to book a consultation appointment, today: (505) 881-1159.

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