What is root canal therapy

Positive Man Gesturing Ok Sign If you have been to the dentist and they recommended root canal therapy, there is no reason to fear! While many think of a painful treatment when they hear the words “root canal,” this is not the case at all. Dr. Steven Holbrook is here to dispel the myth that causes fear in patients who may need root canal therapy.

What is root canal therapy?

Root canal therapy is an endodontic procedure that is performed by a dentist to save a tooth from extraction. The root canals are actually the canals within the teeth that go down to the root of the tooth, hence the name. Inside of the canals are a mass of tissues called the dental pulp. If a tooth has a large cavity, area of decay, or trauma that reaches the dental pulp and causes an infection, it needs to be removed. The dentist creates a small hold in the tooth to remove the dental pulp and then fill and seal it with special materials. Because the removal of the dental pulp can cause a tooth to become brittle and susceptible to damage, the dentist may also recommend the fabrication and placement of a dental crown over the top. The entire process is performed with the patient properly sedated and anesthetized to ensure comfort from start to finish!

Why might I need root canal therapy?

There a few situations that may arise in which a patient may be told that root canal therapy is necessary. These include:

  • An abscess on the tooth
  • An infection that has reached the dental pulp
  • A large cavity that has caused significant tooth damage
  • Injury or trauma to the tooth

What alternative treatments are available?

The only alternative solution for a tooth that could benefit from root canal therapy is extraction. This is avoided if at all possible, which is when root canal therapy may be attempted to save the tooth from removal and replacement.

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