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FAQs About Filings

Dental Fillings, Albuquerque, NMIf you have lived thus far without having to get a filling, then you deserve a serious pat on the back. Fillings are one of the most common oral procedures that we do at our office for patients who have a cavity. But even though they are familiar to us, it doesn’t mean that they are familiar to you. To help you get ready for your appointment, let’s take a closer look at some frequently asked questions about this procedure.

FAQ: Are They Permanent?

Similar to other oral appliances, fillings aren’t permanent and will likely have to be replaced at one point in your life. However, they are really strong and durable as long as you take care of them really well.

FAQ: What Is the Procedure Like?

Before you come into our office to have your tooth filled we will go over the procedure with you briefly, but let’s reiterate. To start out, we will numb your tooth and Dr. Holbrook will remove the decay. After the decay has been removed, he will thoroughly clean the area. The composite filling will then be placed, shaped, and polished which will restore your tooth to its original function and shape.

FAQ: What Does It Look Like?

Usually, Dr. Holbrook uses composite fillings that are tooth colored and should blend in fairly well with your natural tooth. Some patients can’t see it, but other patients will notice that it’s a little bit lighter than their natural tooth. Either way, it’s not something that anybody else but you and Dr. Holbrook will ever notice.

FAQ: How Do I Take Care Of It?

When we send you home after your tooth has been filled we will give you a list of instructions on how to take care of your tooth. Usually, it’s very basic and includes avoiding foods that are extremely hard or chewy, brushing your teeth on a regular basis, and getting frequent exams.

Now that you know a few of the basics about composite fillings, it’s time to get in Dr. Holbrooks dental chair. Contact Dr. Holbrook today and call us at our Albuquerque office at (505) 881-1159.

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Silver Is Out – Composites Are In

Composite Fillings | Albuquerque, NMSilver (amalgam) dental fillings have been the go-to way to fill cavities on the back teeth for years. But that silver look is quickly becoming passé. Seeing silver on your molars when you talk or laugh is not a good look. Dr. Holbrook offers composite fillings as a replacement for an older filling or to fill a new cavity.

Composite fillings are made of tooth-colored, quartz-like materials and can be done in one dental visit, similar to amalgam fillings. When placing composite fillings, the decayed material is removed, and the tooth is cleaned and sterilized. The cavity is filled layer by layer with the composite filling. After each layer is placed, it is hardened with a curing light. Then the next layer is applied until the process is complete. The end result is an invisible restoration, in contrast to the dark silver of an amalgam filling.

Composite fillings can be used to repair chipped, cracked or broken teeth, close the space between teeth, repair worn teeth…and, of course, fill cavities.

Composite fillings have advantages and disadvantages when compared to silver amalgam fillings:
Composite fillings:

  • Are aesthetically pleasing
  • Are made from non-toxic materials (amalgam contains a variety of metals, including mercury)
  • Bond to the tooth surface for added strength
  • Protect the tooth structure – the healthy tooth material surrounding the cavity does not need to be removed

However, composite fillings:

  • Cost more because the composite material is more expensive
  • Take more time
  • Last about half the time of amalgam fillings

Do you have questions about your existing amalgam fillings or want to learn more about the aesthetic results of composite fillings? Call to schedule an appointment with Dr. Holbrook, today: (505) 881-1159.

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