Why Teeth Whitening With The Dentist Is Better Than By Yourself

teeth whitening (2) With some studies suggesting that yellow teeth were a reason cited for why someone didn’t make a sale, get a second date, or was even the reason someone was not hired for a position, it is not an understatement to say that a bright smile is considered important. Important not just for how others see you, but also for how it makes you feel about yourself. With most people willing to do things themselves, let’s go over why, if you want white teeth that last, teeth whitening is best done with a dentist’s consideration.

Why Over The Counter Teeth Whitening Methods May Not Get You The Results You Want

Long story short: Teeth whitening methods that are available to the general public simply don’t have the concentration of ingredients that can be found from utilizing what the dentist has. These lower concentrated ingredients not only lead to a duller smile than you may have wanted, but they also don’t last as long.

Along with luster-lacking lackluster results, there is also the risk of potentially causing tooth, gum, or general oral damage or discomfort if you aren’t careful in your administration of the teeth-whitening material and ingredients.

What Can The Dentist Do? 

Alongside a variety of techniques and types of teeth whitening a dentist can provide, your dentist can also provide necessary and helpful consultations that help you understand just why your teeth aren’t as white as you’d like. This can lead to necessary lifestyle changes for you to keep your teeth pearly white.

With Dr. Steven Holbrook, at our office you can expect deep teeth whitening, a process that whitens more than just the surface of your teeth, ensuring a brighter, longer lasting smile. But with Dr. Steven Holbrook, the treatment follows you home, after our one-hour session, Dr. Holbrook has you utilize two weeks of home whitening as well. If this doesn’t suit you, there’s Power Whitening, which is a one-hour visit utilizing a special gel that gives you the same result as whitening at home for half a month!

Seen The Bright White Light (Of A Dazzling Smile)Yet? 

If you’re willing to give the at-home whitening strips a rest and are serious about your razzle-dazzle, then set up an appointment with us today! We’re serious about making you smile! Give us a call at 505-881-1159!

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