Answering Common Questions About Dental Implants

dental implants Dental implants, surgically implanted medical devices, can restore proper oral function. From chewing to smiling, a dental implant provides support and can enhance your appearance. If you’re considering a dental implant, you may have some questions. Dr. Steven Holbrook provides the answers to some common questions.

What Exactly Is a Dental Implant? 

Dental implants provide support for artificial teeth. If you have lost a tooth, they can provide the necessary structure to ensure artificial teeth function properly. Because they fuse with your jawbone, they offer great stability.

What Are Dental Implants Made Of? 

They can be made of a variety of metals and sometimes even ceramics. The most common is titanium. The safety of the materials used for dental implants has been long studied, and the variety in materials is related to function and need.

What Is the Success Rate of Dental Implants? 

95%. Dental implant procedures are very common and relatively safe. The implants themselves are made to be durable and long-lasting.

What Happens If I Don’t Address Tooth Loss? 

Dental implants are a great step in addressing tooth loss. However, you may wonder if you can get away without doing anything for your lost tooth. Without a dental implant, which can aid the restoration of proper chewing, your jaw may go through something known as resorption.

Jawbone resorption is when the jawbone no longer receives the necessary stimulus to grow and maintain bone. Because of the lost tooth, the jawbone begins to break down and disappear. If this process is allowed to happen long enough it can result in facial collapse.

Dental implants can help prevent that by restoring proper biting mechanics and eliminating pain.

Come In and Speak to Dr. Holbrook 

Dr. Holbrook is happy to answer any more questions you may have. Dental implants can be a fantastic, proven way to address missing teeth.

Dr. Steven E. Holbrook has been providing dental care in Albuquerque, NM, for nearly 40 years. With years of a proven track record of both professionalism and care, Dr. Holbrook and his team are proud to be able to fulfill your dental care needs. Call 505-881-1159 to schedule a consultation for dental implants.

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