Tips and tricks for patients using Invisalign

Beautiful smiling Turkish woman is holding an invisalign bracer Straightening your teeth with clear aligner therapies such as Invisalign can be a great way to obtain a perfect smile without having to wear and deal with metal brackets and wire braces. Our Albuquerque, NM area dentists offer Invisalign as a leading-edge orthodontic treatment alternative to conventional orthodontia. Along with this treatment, Dr. Steven Holbrook provides certain tips and recommendations to those who are undergoing treatment with this method. 

  • Be aware of lipstick. Dark colors of lipstick worn while you wear your aligners can stain your Invisalign trays, so it’s essential that you choose a matte lipstick less likely to smudge and smear, and stick with colors that are too bright or too dark in case staining occurs.
  • Switch trays at night. The first day of using the next tray in the series can sometimes result in discomfort. This is because the new aligners are applying pressure on the teeth to help move them. Patients are advised to switch trays at night which allows them to sleep off the discomfort.
  • Watch what you eat. Because Invisalign aligners can be removed for eating and drinking, there are not a whole lot of dietary limitations. However, when you do eat or drink, be sure to rinse your mouth with water or brush your teeth to avoid staining or damaging your Invisalign aligners.
  • Use the storage case. You need to wear your aligners for about 20 hours a day, even when sleeping, but storage containers should always be used when removing aligners to brush and floss.
  • Maintain oral hygiene. Always brush and floss before putting your aligners back over your teeth. Keep an oral hygiene kit in cosmetic bags to make sure you can do this on the go!

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Albuquerque, NM patients who are in need of oral health and wellness solutions are welcome to book a consultation visit with our team to determine if they are good candidates for Invisalign. Whether you’re contemplating this treatment or are already started, learning these tips and tricks can help pave the road for a positive experience. Call the office at (505) 881-1159 to request a visit with our team at 8228 Louisiana Boulevard NE, Suite C.

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