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dental check up in Albuquerque NM | Dr. Steven Holbrook The importance of caring for your mouth, teeth and gums cannot be over stated. Nothing beats a beautiful smile and clean, fresh breath. Preventing tooth decay and gum disease is a snap if you make it a priority to schedule a complete dental exam and cleaning every six months. You deserve it. Your teeth deserve it.

A dental exam by Dr. Holbrook can:

  • Save you money. Any dental health issues will be treated while they are more manageable and the treatment protocol is less complicated and expensive.
  • Diagnose serious dental disease. Oral cancers can be deadly, but are treatable if diagnosed early.

During your dental exam Dr. Holbrook will:
•Perform a head and neck exam to look for anything out of the ordinary.
•Check your “bite,” the way your teeth fit together.
•Screen for oral cancer.
•Create a personalized oral health program which will schedule your twice yearly dental visits.
•Recommend brushing and flossing techniques.
•Evaluate the status of your existing dental restorations and fillings.
•Recommend options for older, existing fillings and recommend other restorations, such as bridges or crowns.
•Visually examine your teeth, gums, tongue and throat.
•Examine your face, saliva and the movement of your lower jaw joints, your TMJ’s.
•Take x-rays and examine them carefully to help diagnose tumors, cysts, decay, and other problems that can’t be seen by the naked eye.
•Clean, floss and polish your teeth to remove plaque, the sticky substance that causes tooth decay and gum disease, and the hardened plaque, tartar, above the gum line.

Dr. Holbrook specializes in providing the best quality dental care for his clients in Albuquerque. Don’t wait – call to schedule an appointment for a cleaning and dental exam, today: (505) 881-1159.

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