How a Fixed Bridge Can Restore Your Smile

Pretty,Patient,Looking,With,Smile,In,Dental,Clinic Restoring missing teeth is possible through fixed bridges by attaching a fake tooth to implants or crowns placed on neighboring teeth. Non-removable and completely natural-looking, a porcelain fixed dental bridge is a wonderful way to restore your smile and regain lost confidence and function.

Is a Fixed Bridge the Same Thing as Partial Dentures?

Partial dentures are removable, but a fixed dental bridge stays in your mouth. For this reason, many patients prefer it because it looks, feels, and works just like real teeth.

A fixed bridge attaches to crowns or places implants to serve as anchors for the pontic, a fake tooth that looks natural and fills in a gap.

Where Can I Get a Fixed Bridge?

There are two primary placements: the front and back of the mouth.

  • A resin-bonded bridge is typically used for the front teeth, and they are ideal for those who do not have any large fillings or have generally good oral health. Patients who have lost teeth but require minimal prep work can benefit from this type of fixed dental bridge. 
  • A cantilever bridge is often placed in the back of the mouth and recommended for areas where teeth are only on one side of the open space.

Working closely with a skilled restorative dentist will help you find the perfect bridge type for your needs. Material and style all impact function, and Steven Holbrook, DMD, always makes sure patients are given the right bridge for their needs.

Are There Any Downsides to Dental Bridges?

The only real con about a bridge is that it cannot prevent bone loss. For those who have lost teeth, the jaw will not be stimulated through chewing, which ultimately degrades the bone.

While a fixed dental bridge can restore lost functionality, it cannot prevent this from occurring since the fake tooth is not attached to the jaw.

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