2 Things to Look for In Chewing Gum

2 Things to Look for In Chewing Gum | Steven E. Holbrook, DMD | Albuquerque, NM Chewing gum is one of the oldest methods that even cave dwellers would use to clean teeth and freshen breath. Originally derived from tree sap, chewing gum has come a long, long way. And, with so many options of chewing gum for you and your kids to choose from at the checkout line at the grocery store, it can often seem a bit overwhelming. To help you know what things to look for when shopping for gum, we have created a brief guide. Read on to learn more.


The biggest thing to look for when shopping for chewing gum is one that is sugar-free. With so many options of bubblegum available, you may want to try the latest flavor but make sure you check the sugar content first. Sugar-filled gum can contribute to cavities and certainly won’t be good at cleaning your teeth. Sugar-free gum, on the other hand, will do wonders. Instead of flavoring gum with sugar, sugar-free gum contains ingredients like sorbitol, aspartame, or mannitol.

ADA Seal of Approval

Another thing to look for when shopping for sugar-free gum is some that contain the ADA seal of approval. By meeting high standards and demonstrating efficacy, you will know that gum with the ADA’s seal of approval will be beneficial. According to the ADA, their approval means that the gum may reduce plaque acids, promote remineralization of tooth enamel, reduce cavities and reduce gingivitis.

By speeding up your mouth’s natural saliva production, chewing gum a few times a day has been scientifically proven to reduce cavities. When shopping for a chewing gum, make sure to find one that is sugar-free and has the ADA’s seal of approval on the label.

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