Why are dental implants important?

Patients who have experienced tooth loss may wonder what their options are in terms of replacement. Tooth loss can cause a host of issues, not just a cosmetic change to the smile. Missing teeth leave behind spaces that may result in the shifting of adjacent teeth, causing misalignment and spaces within the dental arch. Additionally, the loss of a tooth can also cause dental resorption, where the bone of the jaw will begin to shrink as there is no longer a tooth to hold in place. Many of the problems associated with lost teeth can be resolved with tooth replacement options such as dental implants. 

What is a dental implant? 

A dental implant is a restoration that functions as a tooth root replacement. It is made of titanium that is biocompatible with the body. It is lightweight, strong, and effective at holding a restoration over the gumline. Because of the functionality of the dental implant, it can stimulate bone growth around it, ensuring that the implant itself will stay in the smile for many years to come! 

Why are dental implants important? 

There are many reasons why Dr. Steven E. Holbrook of Albuquerque, NM may recommend the use of a dental implant to replace missing teeth. These restorations are highly desirable because they: 

  • Maintain natural bone thanks to the stimulation through osseointegration
  • Keep existing teeth from shifting out of place due to large spaces left behind
  • Can last a lifetime within the smile with proper care and attention
  • Function as a natural tooth root, and the final restoration is strong and durable
  • Look completely natural when restored with a porcelain restoration such as a crown, bridge, or denture
  • Keep patients looking young by avoiding the shrinking jaw that leads to a sunken appearance to the mouth area (often seen in long-time denture wearers)

Find out more about dental implants for tooth replacement 

Patients in the community of Albuquerque, NM who are interested in learning more about solutions for tooth loss including dental implants are encouraged to book a consultation visit with Dr. Steven E. Holbrook. He is located at 8228 Louisiana Boulevard NE, Suite C and can be reached by phone for an appointment at (505) 881-1159.

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