Restore the smile with dental implants

Tooth loss may be more common than you might realize. In fact, studies show that up to 69% of adults, by the age of 45, have lost at least one permanent tooth. Fortunately, there are many different ways to address tooth loss with today’s amazing advances in the field of restorative dentistry. Dr. Steven E. Holbrook is a dentist in the Albuquerque, NM area who is pleased to offer one of the most popular ways to replace missing teeth: dental implants. 

How can I restore my smile with dental implants? 

Restoring the smile with dental implants is easy. In fact, patients in many different situations will find that the versatility of dental implants make them the simple choice when it comes to replacing missing teeth. Dental implants are titanium posts that are put into the jaw during oral surgery where a tooth once was. This stimulates the bone growth process known as osseointegration, fusing the implant to the jaw to function as a natural tooth root once did. Dental implants are a permanent solution to tooth loss, not a temporary one in the same way partial dentures and dental bridges work. 

Who is a candidate for dental implants? 

Not everyone is well-suited for dental implants. Dental implants do require patients to have a healthy smile free from infection, disease, and cavities. They also require patients to have enough bone to place the implant successfully. This is determined with dental x-rays, during which Dr. Steven E. Holbrook can evaluate the health of the jaw to decide if the bone available will be responsive to the placement of the implant. Without osseointegration, the dental implant placement can fail and alternative options might need to be considered. 

How do I find out if I am a good fit for dental implants? 

If you would like to restore your smile with dental implants and live in or around the Albuquerque, NM area, we welcome you to call (505) 881-1159 to schedule an appointment with our team. We are open to new and existing patients, and provide a wide range of tooth replacement options for patients to consider at our state-of-the-art facility at 8228 Louisiana Boulevard NE, Suite C.

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