Have Your Teeth Shifted As An Adult? What We Can Do To Help

Invisalign® Albuquerque NM If you’ve been through it all as a pre-teen; you know, the braces, the name-calling, and eventually the straight teeth, then you know just what wearing braces is like. And although you may have been religious about wearing your retainer for the first few years after you got your braces off, if you have given up your retainer as an adult and have noticed that your teeth have shifted, you may not know what to do. Luckily, with treatments like Invisalign, Dr. Steven Holbrook can help you get your smile back.

Why Do They Shift?

If you had previous orthodontic care and no longer wear your retainers, then you can count on your teeth shifting more and more each year. In fact, some patients teeth shift all the way back to their initial position.

Initial Consultation

Before we even decide on a treatment option for you, we will have you come into our office for a consultation. During your consultation, we will see how much shifting has taken place and will decide if a simple retainer can do the trick or if you need something more advanced like Invisalign.


If Dr. Holbrook does determine that you need to have Invisalign done, then you may not know what to expect. Unlike traditional metal braces that you wore during your prime pre-teen years (or the years that haunt you the most), Invisalign works by using virtually invisible trays that help to reposition your teeth. Then every two weeks, you will switch out your trays for other ones which will then move your teeth even more.

Having the perfect smile doesn’t come without some work on your part. If you want to learn more about how Dr. Holbrook can re-straighten your teeth, then schedule a consultation with us at our Albuquerque office today and contact us at (505) 881-1159.

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