Evaluating tooth pain

When patients experience tooth pain and sensitivity, it is commonly thought that a cavity is the reason for this discomfort in some situations, this may be the case, but there are other times that the cause of tooth pain may surprise a patient. Below are just a few of the common causes of tooth pain that may require evaluation by a trained professional:

  • Tooth decay – in many cases, tooth pain may be a sign of a cavity. Cavities are caused by sugars and acids that eat away at the natural tooth enamel. These areas of decay cause holes that may become large and deep, causing future problems if left untreated. Dr. Steven Holbrook often addresses these areas of decay with dental fillings.
  • Abscess – an abscess may develop around a tooth, causing severe tooth pain. In situations such as this, a dentist may recommend a procedure called root canal therapy, or endodontic therapy. This treatment removes the pulp inside of the tooth and replaces it with gutta percha to seal it off and protect it from further damage.
  • Infection – an infection may occur within a tooth, requiring dentists to either provide endodontic therapy or permanently extract a tooth. Infections can be painful and also result in swelling and discomfort that might require immediate care.
  • Impacted tooth – some discomfort to a tooth may be caused by an impacted tooth. This is common with wisdom teeth. These “third molars” tend to become stuck underneath the gum line if they turn and push towards the surrounding teeth. This situation will require surgical removal of the wisdom tooth to resolve.
  • Sinus-related pain – sometimes, tooth pain may be caused by swollen sinuses that can become congested or inflamed with colds, the flu, or allergies. This pain is often concurrent with congestion and stuffiness, which can impact the upper teeth due to the position of the sinus cavities. This discomfort is treated by treating the cause of congestion, which cannot be resolved with a dentist.

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