Cavities 101: Restoring Your Teeth and Smile

aesthetic dentistry albuquerque new mexico | cavities NM | Comprehensive Dental Care There is so much more to a cavity than just a hole in the tooth, and many people often overlook the cause. The truth is that a cavity results from a decay in the tooth that develops over time. Many of our patients are victims of this nasty situation, and we urge them to seek our dental services to treat the problem. Then again, we still believe that prevention is better than treatment.

Know what’s inside your mouth!

Believe it or not, we carry a mouthful of bacteria — literally. Inside our mouths are different types of bacteria, which stay in the teeth, tongue, gums, and in every corner of the mouth. There are good bacteria, yet there are also harmful ones that play a huge part in the tooth decay process. Decay develops when there is an infection in the mouth with a type of bacteria that utilizes sugar in food and converts it into acids. Over time, such acids are responsible for the development of cavities.

How does a cavity form?

As we eat and drink, our teeth are frequently exposed to acids, especially when the food and drinks we consume contain sugar and starches. When the teeth are exposed to frequent acid attacks, the tooth enamel begins to lose minerals. This can be seen as a white spot where the minerals in the teeth have been lost.

At this point, decay can still be stopped or reversed, as enamel has the ability to repair itself with the use of the minerals found in our saliva, as well as from toothpaste and other sources. However, if no intervention is made and the decay continues, more and more minerals are lost, and the enamel begins to weaken. Eventually, it’s destroyed and a cavity forms. The bad news is that a cavity is considered permanent damage.

The good news is that it can still be repaired!

You can still make good use of your teeth by treating your cavity with composite fillings. Give us a call today at (505) 881-1159 to book an appointment with Dr. Holbrook and discuss how your teeth and your smile can be restored.

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