Can a Broken Tooth Be Treated With a Porcelain Veneer?

beautiful woman in blue cloth show white toothy smile Cosmetic dentistry has come so far over the years and continues to be a way for patients to boost their self-confidence when they have imperfections within their smile. Broken, chipped, and otherwise damaged teeth can have a significant impact on the appearance of the smile. With cosmetic dentistry solutions such as porcelain veneers, patients have the opportunity to enhance their smile with a natural-looking dental restoration. Dr. Steven E. Holbrook is excited to offer Albuquerque, NM area patients porcelain veneers as one of several alternatives used in his office for smile transformations!

What is a porcelain veneer?

Porcelain veneers, sometimes referred to by dentists as “dental veneers,” are thin shells of dental ceramic material bonded to the front surface of a tooth to restore a tooth’s shape, size, and color. Veneers have many purposes. Veneers:

  • Protect a damaged tooth from further damage
  • Provide an improved aesthetic appearance since they are made to match your existing teeth
  • Offer great durability and resistance to staining when compared with other restoration methods such as composite bonding
  • Typically, last for several years before needing replacement or repair
  • Can a broken tooth be repaired with a porcelain veneer?
  • Absolutely! Many of our patients have utilized porcelain veneers and even composite resin bonding to repair a chipped or broken tooth. Because porcelain veneers are stain-resistant, they are often the preferred solution for restoring damaged teeth.

What alternatives are available?

If you have a chipped or a broken tooth, two other options you may want to consider include dental crowns and composite resin bonding. Dental crowns are also made of porcelain and cover the entire tooth but are best used on teeth near the back of the mouth, specifically the molars. Composite resin bonding can be used on teeth at the front of the smile and can provide same-day repair–though they are not stain-resistant and may need to be replaced sooner than a porcelain veneer.

Do not wait any longer to repair your smile!

If you have broken, chipped, or otherwise damaged teeth and are considering your options, we welcome you to the office of Dr. Steven E. Holbrook to determine what solutions are available to achieve the smile you’ve always wanted! His office is located in Albuquerque, NM, and can be reached by calling 505-881-1159.

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