Are you experiencing pain in your mouth? Does this pain radiate from a tooth in your smile?

October has arrived, and for parents, this is the time of year where children are focused on fun costumes and trick-or-treating for sweets. As much as our team of professionals love trick-or-treating, we also know that this increased consumption of candies and snacks can put children (and even indulging adults!) at risk for tooth decay. Patients in the Albuquerque, NM area who are interested in learning more about protecting the smile from permanent damage are encouraged to connect with the team at Comprehensive Dental Care.

Frequently asked questions about Halloween and cavities

Are there alternatives to candy?

Absolutely! Dr. Steven Holbrook of Comprehensive Dental Care encourages parents to skip the candy, and instead offer trick-or-treaters alternatives such as temporary tattoos and spider rings. This is also encouraged for children who may be too young to enjoy candy, or those who have allergies to peanuts. Halloween treats do not have to put children’s smiles at risk!

How do I limit candy intake for my child?

It is a great idea to avoid letting your child go crazy with candy intake and instead monitor how much they can have each day. Limiting the number of pieces of candy they can have will not only reduce the risk of cavities, but of unwanted tummy aches! Children should also consume their candy after a meal and before they brush their teeth to reduce the sugars that remain in the mouth.

What if there is too much candy?

Some neighbors and companies are extremely generous with candy treats during the Halloween season. If your child has accumulated too much candy, you may want to consider programs that are set up for donation of candy treats to send to troops overseas. This is a great way to reduce sweets intake while providing free candy to those who do not have access to it due to deployments. Brighten someone’s day while keeping your child’s smile free from decay!

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