3 Foods to Help Whiten Your Teeth

Whiten Your Teeth When it comes to whitening your teeth you have two main options: professional whitening and at-home whitening. Depending on the severity of your tooth discoloration, at-home whitening may not even touch the problem. However, if you only have a slight amount of staining due to things such as drinking coffee and tea, then at-home whitening products like toothpaste, strips, and gels will likely do the trick. No matter which option you choose to get your teeth as white as possible, there are three foods that you should also add to your diet to help get them even brighter. Read on to learn more.


It may sound weird to think that a bright red, sugary fruit can be good for your teeth but life is full of surprises. Filled with malic acid, strawberries can naturally whiten your teeth and rid them of dental stains. Additionally, the strawberry seeds also work to scrub off stains that may be stuck in your teeth. To use strawberries to whiten your teeth, crush them up and apply them directly to your toothbrush like toothpaste. Brush the mixture on your teeth for about 20-30 seconds and then rinse off.


Just in case you needed another excuse to eat more cheese, here is a reason: cheese contains a protein called casein which works to protect your teeth from enamel erosion and decay. When choosing cheese for whitening, choose a hard cheese because with every bite it will not only shield your teeth but it will scrub off stains as well.


By speeding up your mouth’s natural production of saliva, apples are an excellent way to get rid of surface stains on your teeth. The more saliva your mouth has, the easier it is to wipe off those nasty stains on your teeth. Additionally, by biting into an apple, you are essentially using the hard texture to scrub your teeth.

The saying “You are what you eat,” can easily be applied to your oral health as well. To keep your mouth as clean and white as possible, consider adding the above foods to your diet. To learn more about natural ways you can whiten your teeth, 15 Dr. Steven Holbrook today!



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