3 Foods to Avoid This Holiday Season

dental care Albuquerque NM Gumdrops, homemade gingerbread, and a pound of frosting are all ingredients that will help you compose the perfect Pinterest-worthy gingerbread house this year. But before you go in to take a bite of that practically perfect house, think twice for the sake of your teeth. Foods that are sticky like gumdrops and foods that contain too much sugar like frosting can cause your teeth dental problems further down the line. However, there are some other foods that you may want to avoid this season. Read on to learn more.


One of the best parts about the holiday season is that oranges and grapefruits are in season. And although these fruits are high in vitamin C which is a vitamin that supports your immune health, they are also high in citric acid which is known to erode away at your enamel. So before you consider stuffing your little one’s stockings with oranges, think again.

Trail Mix

If you enjoy snacking on trail mix this time of year while you are at a holiday party or playing board games with family, you are not alone. As a healthy snack, trail mix is typically filled with ingredients like nuts, dried fruit, and maybe even some candy. And although nuts and dried fruit are reasonably healthy for you, dried fruit is typically sticky in texture, and it can damage your teeth. How exactly? By sticking to your teeth, dried fruit can rip out your dental fillings or can just stay on your teeth for far too long, contributing to cavities.


The holiday season is a great time to cut loose and enjoy a cocktail with your friends and family. And although one cocktail isn’t going to do much damage to you or your oral health, if you indulge in too much alcohol, it can cut back on your saliva production which can contribute to the development of gum disease later on down the line.

Take the best care of your mouth this holiday season by avoiding some of the foods listed above. And, as a good rule of thumb, make sure to brush and floss your teeth after every meal— this will help you drastically cut down on cavities or other oral health issues. To learn more about how you can take better care of your mouth, contact Dr. Steven Holbrook’s office today!

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